Taking you from burned out and brain fogged to calm, clear and vibrant, one simple habit at a time!

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I help over 30s harness the power of their nutrition + lifestyle habits with a tailor-made strategy and 1:1 coaching so they can build happier brains without making their life more of a stress in the process!

Yep, you over there with the tired eyes and forced smile.
I see you.

You’re exhausted, you’re drained but you just have to keep going right?

You struggle to wake up, snoozing 3 times too many and end up bribing yourself with breakfast and coffee treats just to get your butt out of bed.

Your days used to be bright and fun and now you crawl through them just going through the motions. Yes you’re functioning, you get by. Hell, most people at work wouldn't even know you're struggling because you've got so good at just getting on with it. But it's getting harder to stay focused and you're not quite as productive as you used to be, you're forgetting things you shouldn't forget and it's only a matter of time before someone notices you're not on top of your game.

You're working longer hours but getting less done, which just makes it so hard to switch off and relax when you get home, and leaves you with little energy for a social life!

Outside you paste on a happy face, but inside it feels like you’re starting to crumble and you know need help before you burn yourself into the ground. 

You deserve to bounce out of bed with abundant energy, feeling refreshed, vibrant and ready for whatever the day throws at you. To go about your day with the confidence that you've set yourself up for success and that your intentional actions and habits are serving your body and brain in the best way for YOU.

You deserve to be killing it at work and living life with a spark of joy and connection. To feel full of passion and wind down at the end of each day with a calm sense of fulfilment and ease.

You deserve to feel confident that your choices are nourishing and protecting your mind, mood and memory and building a future of happiness, clarity, balance.

"I just wanted to let you know that this week so far I feel the best I've felt in years. Really clear head, my mood is SO much better and my tummy is feeling good too xxxxx!"
- Helen


Currently, more than 520,000 people in the UK have dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. That number is rising, with research suggesting 1 in every 3 people born in the UK today will go on to develop dementia.  

Worldwide the numbers reach to near 50 million, with one report declaring there is "no doubt that dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and other causes, is one of the biggest global public health and social care challenges facing people today and in the future".  

On top of that, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and worldwide we lose one person every 40 seconds to suicide.

Depression, stress, overwhelm and anxiety are rife and a staggering 70 million workdays are lost each year due to mental health concerns, not to mention the impact on our life, relationships, self-esteem and physical health!


1/3 of Alzheimer's cases worldwide have been attributed to risk factors that are entirely modifiable.⁣⁠ That means there are over 170,000 people in the UK alone that could be needlessly suffering. 'Modifiable risk factors' include things we can change such as diet, physical activity and other chronic diseases like diabetes or obesity.
We are not simply at the mercy of our genes as we once thought.


Burgeoning research on gut health, diet and lifestyle interventions are showing promising results including: 

  • 53% reduced risk of Dementia in those following the MIND Diet
  • 33% reduced risk and significant improvement in symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress in those following the Meditteranean style diet
  • 45% reduced risk of Alzheimer's in those who took regular exercise. 
  • It is thought that some of these benefits may be due to the impact of the diet on our gut health and the makeup of the trillions of bugs that live within it.

While there is a genetic component to Alzheimer's, not everyone with the gene develops the disease. The field of epigenetics shows us that the way we live has the ability to influence what genes get switched on or off.

We have incredible power to nourish and protect our mind, mood and memory through our daily actions.


Alright, I know what you're thinking about now:

"Yeah, yeah Cathy, I KNOW I should be looking after myself better, I know I should be working out and eating better and all those things - I just have trouble DOING them!"  

The days and weeks whizz by and you just feel stuck in a cycle of getting on that wagon for 3 days before falling off and staying off for 3 months right?

I get it, I know it feels like ‘getting healthy’ is nothing but time-consuming, hard, restrictive and unenjoyable - who'd sign up for that?!

But, what if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way?
That you don't have to overhaul your entire life overnight just to feel normal again?

What if I told you that the smallest daily actions, even imperfect ones, could get you out of this hole and feeling brighter and clearer than ever?

And I'm living proof

I was the queen of procrastination and zero willpower. But I learned a process that changed my life and took ALL the stress out of getting healthy (which seems like a total oxymoron when you think about it doesn't it?!)

And since then, I've helped countless women use the same process to transform the way they eat, move and live as well, in a way that is completely tailored to their own needs, likes and routines.

It's a solution that combines the best of what to do for better brain health, with exactly how to do it so it's simple, realistic, actually lasts AND helps you connect with your body and your habits to design an approach to your wellbeing that works specifically for YOU.

Sound like just what you need?
Well take a deep, cleansing breath and keep reading, coz I've got you covered.

And I'm so excited you're here (can you tell?!)

Because I'm super passionate about helping people just like you build better brains.

Over the past few years, I sadly watched my grandmother succumb to the ravages of dementia. My journey then began as a personal one - to learn how I could best protect myself from the same fate.
Even as a Naturopath and Nutritionist I was surprised at the extent of the incredible power we have at our fingertips to nourish and protect our brains with our own daily actions.  

But, like most of my clients - even when I knew all the things I could be doing, I struggled with a lack of willpower and motivation to actually follow through and do it.  

The day I discovered habit coaching and started learning to embrace progress over perfection is the day my life and health changed forever (and the lives of ALL my clients). Now I’m kinda an expert at making healthy changes realistic, and sustainable - no matter where you’re starting from.  

I live and breathe this stuff and I've developed my tried and true methods after helping so many busy, overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted people go from strength to strength and build better minds + moods one simple habit at a time.
Did someone say #dreamjob?!

"I found Cathy's approach the most realistic one when it comes to making lifestyle/nutrition changes. She has great knowledge and can easily simplify it so that it can be understood by everyone. Changes are introduced very slowly and are simple to follow." - Anna 


Are you ready to: 

Wake up bright, refreshed and energised after a great night's sleep?

Be clearheaded, sharp and on top of your game?

Feel calm, in control and ready to face what each day throws at you?

Find it easy to wind down, relax and enjoy your quality time with friends and family?  

 Ditch the overwhelm, get a solid strategy and start making some serious progress?

Build a better brain (and body!) without running yourself into the ground in the process?


Are you ready to: 

Wake up bright, refreshed and energised after a great night's sleep?

Be clear-headed, sharp and on top of your game at work?

Feel calm, in control and ready to face what each day throws at you?

Find it easy to wind down, relax and enjoy your quality time with friends and family?

Ditch the overwhelm, get a solid strategy and start making some serious progress? 

Build a better brain (and body!) without running yourself into the ground in the process?

Then you gotta check this out

This 1:1 personalised coaching programme will help you harness the power of your nutrition + lifestyle habits with a tailor-made strategy to nourish and protect your brain so you can go from burned out and brain fogged to calm, clear and vibrant!

This will be the game-changer in your mood and brain health. You'll learn exactly what to do to master your daily habits, one simple step at a time.

Together we'll:

  • Shift the focus to progress, not perfection - bye-bye guilt and overwhelm!
  • Think smaller - much, much smaller - but reap big benefits
  • Implement targeted science-based practices for better brain and mental wellness  
  • Improve your nutrition, activity and lifestyle in a way that's realistic for you - not someone else
  • Start now no matter how low, tired or burned out you’re feeling - because that magical perfect moment when you have more time and energy doesn't exist! All you have is now.

nour·​ish /ˈnə-rish/  


1. to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth. 2. to strengthen, build up, or promote.

from Latin nutrire: 'feed, cherish'

We'll start with some thorough health and lifestyle assessments to assess the many components that contribute to our brain health and to bring awareness to your current routines, practices and habits.

These will be mostly questionnaire based, but I will also advise on blood or other testing to evaluate your risk factors and identify potential underlying drivers of your concerns.

These assessments will help us identify what's working for you and where there's opportunity for improvement. Throughout the process we can reassess to ensure that what we're doing is moving you toward your goals.

From the information gathered in the assessments, we'll map out your personalised strategy of powerful practices to focus on as well as use targeted supplementation as appropriate.

From food and movement to sleep and stress, the powerful practices we use are backed by science to improve your symptoms and reduce your risk of depression and anxiety, as well as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

This is no cookie-cutter approach. This is a customised plan to ensure your brain and body are getting exactly what they need to restore balance and increase resilience for a strong, healthy future.

Knowing WHAT to do is only the first step - you'll also need to know HOW to do it right?!
My signature Health by Habit Framework will help you do just that and is what truly sets my coaching process apart.

Instead of the overwhelming all-or-nothing, perfectionist trap that most programmes impose, here you'll learn a sustainable, habit-based approach to build those healthy practices into your life, one day at a time and move you toward your goals in a realistic way.

The 5-step framework helps you develop skills and use your own body as a laboratory to find out what works for YOU, not someone else. With a focus on progress over perfection you'll build habits that stick and adapt with ease no matter what life throws at you.

Every 2 weeks we'll meet via zoom, for a deep dive coaching session! We'll review and tweak your strategy and plan for what's ahead. These sessions are crucial for fostering the right mindset, overcoming blocks and obstacles and nailing your follow through in a realistic way.

And, it's what goes on between sessions that really counts. So we'll use the specialised app to provide personalised daily check ins to keep you on track and building serious momentum with your simple daily actions, plus drip-deliver supporting practical and educational content to avoid overwhelm and maintain focus on what matters - taking action.

"I have to say that I feel really good...like really, really good! I almost cannot believe the difference. I feel so much more energized; I am sleeping so much better!"
- Patty 




  • We'll undertake a series of assessments - questionnaires, journals, blood testing etc - to build a clear picture of where you are now and how you've got there.
  • Using the pillars as a guide we'll determine what needs focus and from there we can map out a personalised strategy to meet your needs.


  • We'll break your goals down into simple daily actions.
  • Keeping it stress-free is key - life has enough of that already!
  • Watch or read the daily info, do your daily task then complete the check-in.
  • I'll keep you focused, accountable and building solid habits every day.


  • You'll build greater awareness of your body and routine by keeping laser-focused on a specific area of your wellness each week.
  • Weekly review and planning sessions help you monitor your progress, learn and improve week by week.


  • Every 2 weeks we'll have a 1:1 coaching session to review your progress, tweak your strategy and overcome any obstacles.
  • We'll talk through practical implementation, breaking through limiting factors and fostering a mindset that focuses on ditching the perfectionism and all-or-nothing approach
  • You'll have time to master the practical steps without feeling overwhelmed so that you can develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.


  • Keep an eye on your bigger goals and trends by logging your metrics regularly and checking in on your progress.
  • With a focus on consistency, we can scale up and down as your situations change so that no matter what's going on in your life you're making steady, consistent progress and improvements every step of the way.


This programme helps you achieve your best brain by addressing these 9 pillars that contribute to your mood + brain health. These closely follow Dr Dale Bredesen's protocol* which he has used to successfully slow and reverse the cognitive changes of dementia and Alzheimer's, plus are part of the key approaches for fostering vibrant mental health and reducing symptoms of mood imbalances, depression, and anxiety.










 When optimised, these pillars improve brain health by:

  • Nourishing the brain structure with the correct building blocks
  • Balancing hormones for healthy metabolism and energy production
  • Reducing inflammation (a core driver of chronic diseases and mental health conditions)
  • Supporting the blood-brain-barrier (the breakdown of which can lead to many mood and cognitive symptoms)
  • Encouraging neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (adaptability and growth of brain cells)
  • Promoting a healthy microbiota (the trillions of bugs that live in our gut)


It's clear that just knowing what to do is useless unless you also know how to do it - and actually make it stick longer than 3 days! Right?!

If you're hesitant because you've tried to make changes to your diet and lifestyle in the past but failed and feel like you’re never going to have the willpower to succeed...
Well, I'm here with a truth bomb for ya: 

YOU didn't fail. Your system failed YOU!

Most of the time we force ourselves into an all or nothing approach: 'I must follow this strict meal plan perfectly, work out 3x a week and meditate daily starting tomorrow otherwise it's useless and I might as well not bother'. It's SO unrealistic and literally just sets us up for failure. That's not how our brains work, and it's not how our lives work!

Instead, I'll help you kiss perfectionism goodbye, focus on progress instead and learn the right way to approach your health and wellness, so you can say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, 'falling off the wagon' or 'life getting in the way' of you achieving a better mind, mood + memory.

In our coaching sessions, we'll tap into the best neuroscience, behavioural psychology, mindset and habit techniques as you work through each practice in order to create sustainable lifestyle shifts to benefit your brain and body.

Using my 'Health by Habit' framework you'll learn the exact process you need to make realistic, sustainable changes that last a lifetime. We'll tap into the best neuroscience, behavioural psychology, mindset and habit techniques as we work through each practice. Throughout the programme you'll discover:

  • The 5 steps to making change realistic and sustainable
  • How to become great at change through mastering skills you can apply to any aspect of your life.
  • The mindset traps that are holding you back and keeping you stuck and how to overcome them.
  • How your brain is wired and how to use that to your advantage, rather than fall victim to it.
  • The joy of releasing perfectionism and loving the process, not just the result!

On top of this, you'll also have access to the specialised coaching app designed to help you make habits faster:

  • You'll get all the content drip delivered daily to your mobile for even smoother access
  • Daily check-in function on the app so you can do away with paper trackers
  • See your consistency and progress in real-time and stay on track better than ever

"I am amazed how easy it has been to go from a diet filled with carbs and sugar to one, that isn't perfect yet, but definitely so much better. It really has been the help from Cathy, in taking one step at a time and also having the constant support from her." - Mandy (Mandy also reduced the severity of her mood symptoms from an 8/10 to a 2/10 and improved her sleep quality by 2 points in the space of 2 months!)

  • Learn the proven process for making habits that stick with the 5 step Health by Habit Framework.
  • Understand your current routine, dietary intake and biomarkers through thorough assessments.
  • Identify the practices that will help you build and nourish a happier, healthier brain and build the skills and tools to implement these into your daily life in a realistic, sustainable way.
  • Learn how to design a personalised approach to your health and wellbeing so you can identify what works for you and what to do when it doesn't.
  • Access to my vault of worksheets, planners, guides and resources to help you during the programme and beyond.
  • Expert guidance and support from 1:1 sessions.


3x payments of £165
1x single payment of £479



This programme is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to optimise your brain function for greater focus, memory, concentration and a brighter mood
  • You're sick of the "all or nothing" yo-yo cycle and you're ready for a sustainable new approach
  • You're ready to focus on slow, steady progress and ditch perfectionism and overwhelm
  • You're willing to commit just 10-20 minutes a day to investing in yourself and building a better brain

"This has probably been the most positive thing that I have done. For someone who has always struggled, and as a result focused on things I can't have, switching the mindset to all the awesome things I can have has been amazing."
- Bonnie R.


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*Please note: I am not a certified Bredesen Protocol Practitioner, but my programmes implement many of the functional nutrition and lifestyle practices recommended by Dr Bredesen and other brain health experts such as Dr Mosconi, Dr Amen and more.