Transform your mind, mood + energy through the power of daily habits

I see you over there, stressed out, exhausted, feeling low and flat - like you’ve seriously lost your mojo. I know you think ‘getting healthy’ is hard, restrictive and unenjoyable but I’m here to show you a new way. Interested? Yeah I thought so!

HEY BUSY LADY! _________________ 

Yep you over there with the tired eyes and forced smile. I see you.

You’re exhausted, you’re drained but you just have to keep going right?

You struggle to wake up, snoozing 3 times too many and end up bribing yourself with breakfast and coffee treats just to get your butt out of bed.

Your days used to be bright and fun and now you crawl through them just going through the motions. Yes you’re functioning, you get by. Hell, most people at work wouldn't even know youre struggling because you've got so good at just getting on with it.

But inside it feels like you’re starting to crumble and you know need help before you completely collapse. 

What if I told you that you didnt have to overhaul your life to see results? That you don’t have to adopt a whole other life just to feel normal again.

What if I told you that the smallest daily actions could get you out of this hole and ?

Keep reading because I’m pretty sure I’ve got what you need! 

And I'm so excited you're here (can you tell?!)  

Flash back to 2009: I was a brand new Nutrition graduate AND a self confessed gymophobe with a terrible diet. I knew everything I should do, I just couldn’t stick to it. To say I had zero willpower is an understatement! I had tried and failed and failed again to put any sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes into place. 

The day I discovered habit coaching and realised progress was the key, not perfection is the day my life and health changed forever (and the lives of ALL my clients). 

Now I’m a kinda an expert at making healthy changes realistic, no matter where you’re starting from.

I live and breathe this stuff and I've built this programme after helping so many busy, overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted people go from strength to strength, build better habits and create more vibrant health one simple step at a time. Did someone say #dreamjob?!

If you're ready to take action, without running yourself into the ground, then I've got the goods:

The complete online programme for exhausted professionals to take you from burnt out and brain fogged to vibrant, clear and bright - without overwhelm or strict meal plans and even if you have no spare time, energy or willpower!

I promise that you truly can transform your mind, mood + energy through the power of daily habits

Stick with me and I'll show you how you can:

  • Shift your focus to progress, not perfection
  • Think smaller (much, much smaller) but reap big benefits
  • Implement science-based practices for better mood and mental wellness  
  • Improve your nutrition, actvity and lifestyle without overwhelming or restrictive plans
  • Start today no matter how low, tired or burned out you’re feeling


You won’t find calorie counting, meal plans or ‘avoid’ lists here.

Instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach, I use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.

From food and movement to sleep and stress, these powerful habits are backed by science to build a healther, happier mind, mood and energy. This truly is holistic wellness at its best.  


Let's take all that overwhelm and shatter it into tiny pieces.

There are no blanket, unrealistic recommendations here. You’ll learn how to determine what step is the right step FOR YOU and how to implement it into your own unique routine using the very best in habit and behavioural change techniques.

You can apply these principles anywhere, anytime. They're full of real food and designed for real life.


Coaching sessions, Live Q+As, instant messaging and daily check ins all ensure you’re on track and stay accountable.

Stop trying to go it alone. Accountability and expert support is often what sets those who succeed apart from those who struggle. 

I'm a food lover and I'm NOT into strict plans (I don't have the willpower for that!). I'll give you the accountability and support you need while keeping it real, with zero judgement.  


Through the specially designed app, everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Focus on less to achieve more with simple daily tasks and supporting information that you can read or watch as a video.

Clearly monitor your compliance and results to keep you on track and feeling better faster.


If you've been struggling to figure out where to begin, what actually works, how you're going to do it on top of everything else you've got going on...


  • Stop making your health and wellness another stress or chore added to your list. 
  • Stop waiting for the 'perfect moment' to start something new
  • Stop wondering if this is something you could ever maintain ‘in real life’.


I want to help you truly feel incredible, even if you:

  • Are completely overwhelmed and you’re too busy and exhausted to even think about where to start
  • Feel paralysed, stagnant, stuck and defeated and thinking you have to do it ALL RIGHT NOW. 
  • Have zero desire to calculate macros and calories (you won’t see a shadow of that here)
  • Have tried and failed and feel like you’re never going to have the willpower to succeed
  • Are a sweet tooth carboholic with zero willpower (are we twins?!)
  • Have no kitchen mojo and can’t boil an egg to save yourself. 


This is no 10 day shred or crazy strict meal plan. This. Is. Real. Life. You'll finally learn how to engineer your environment, mindset and routine for success and make consistent improvements by taking one simple step at a time.  

The time of all or nothing approaches, guilt trips and judgement is over.  

 It's time for PROGRESS not perfection.

All you have to do is START. 

NEXT PROGRAMME _________________ 


To ensure everyone gets the support and attention they need, I only open to new clients a few times a year. This is your opportunity to invest in yourself. Take one small step today and book a free call.


No payment and no obligation. We just need to determine if you are a good fit for this programme - because not everyone is! 

LET'S BREAK IT DOWN _____________________


  • We'll break your goals down into simple daily actions.
  • Keeping it stress free is key - life has enough of that already.
  • Watch or read the daily info, do your task then complete the check in.
  • I'll keep you focused, accountable and building solid habits every day.


  • Review and planning sessions help you monitor your progress, learn and improve week by week.
  • Live coaching and Q&A calls within the Facebook group to maximise your execution and results.
  • With expert guidance + a vibrant community of members, you'll be fully supported and never “stuck” or "failing" in any part of the process, no matter what life throws at you.


  • Introducing just one new practice every 2 weeks will keep you laser focused and always improving, with time to master the practical steps without feeling overwhelmed.
  • You'll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.
  • By the end of the programme, you'll have implemented 12 specific, science-based habits to transform your mind, mood + energy.


  • Keep an eye on your bigger goals and trends by logging your metrics and checking your progress.
  • Choose the Private Coaching Upgrade to supercharge your progress with 1:1 strategy sessions.


This programme is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to say no to complicated, extreme diets in favour of a satisfying, common sense, whole-food way of eating. 
  • You're ready to focus on simple but powerful habits that span every apsect of your life and contribute to optimal mood, energy and mental clarity. We'll work on food, movement, sleep, stress management and more for a whole-body approach to your wellness.
  • You're tired of calorie calculations, macro targets or meal plans. (Rather than give you the proverbial fish, I'm going to teach you how to fish!)
  • You want to nurture a healthy relationship with food and discover the power of food and lifestyle as medicine.
  • You want to reclaim your life and vitality - no more feeling low, sluggish and uninspired.
  • You're ready for a brighter mood with fewer flat or depressive patches; a calmer mind with less anxiety, mood swings or stress and a clearer head, less brain fog and improved focus and productivity.  

CLIENT LOVE _________________

CLIENT LOVE _________________

Don’t worry - I won’t let anyone sign up for this programme that isn’t a perfect fit!


Group programme £699 for 24 weeks Private coaching upgrade available if you need 1:1 support

I know where to start and what steps to take to get you well on your way to more vibrant wellness. I'm so confident you'll get benefit from this that I'm willing to put my personal guarantee on it.

Stick with me for the full programme and complete all the tasks. If you haven't seen improvements I'll give you a full refund.


Book your call now to get on the waitlist BEFORE doors open and you'll also get:


10% off the programme, whether you choose group or 1:1 coaching!

Save up to £



  • 'How to create the perfect meal' 
  • '7 effective ways to make time for exercise and nutrition' 
  • '25 ways to eat well on the go' 


Access to my secret Pinterest board for recipe and meal inspiration!


Is this LCHF? LFHC? Keto? Paleo? WHAT?! I’m not a fan of labels and strict food rules, so essentially this programme is a bit of a hybrid. The main focus is whole foods, reducing processed and packaged foods, incorporating healthy versions of all the macronutrients (that’s carbs, fats and protein) in a ratio that suits your needs (we’re all different after all!). If you want higher fat then you can! If you want higher carbs you can!  

I have a health condition - is this right for me? It depends on the health condition! For some this may be a perfect approach and for others it may not be suitable. Book a call and we can discuss your unique needs.  

Is it gluten free / dairy free / anything else free? I will cover dairy and gluten containing foods within the programme (both their pros and cons) and you can adapt the principles to suit a gluten free or dairy free way of eating if that’s what you need.  

Is it suitable for vegans or vegetarians? Full disclosure - I do believe a diet that incorporates some healthy animal products is the best for most of us, and I will recommend animal products in this programme, BUT the programme is more focused on principles and you may be able to adapt them to suit a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Book a call and let’s chat about your preferences and reasons and we can decide whether the programme will work for you. You may need additional supplementation and you may need to opt for the 1:1 coaching package for full support + guidance.  

Do I have to buy expensive supplements? Nope! I’m all about the food baby! This programme focuses on food + lifestyle habits to improve your mind, mood + energy naturally. I may discuss some general supplements throughout that can be used to top up or to bridge any therapeutic gaps but they’re all entirely optional. If you opt for the private coaching or Comprehensive Blood Chemistry upgrades I may make recommendations based on your individual needs and results also.  

Will this programme help me lose weight? It may do! It depends on how much you have to lose and many other complex physiological factors. Many of the habits covered in this programme are the same I use for my clients who wish to lose weight as they focus on gut health, inflammation, hormone balance and food choices, but the focus here is on health first and weight loss may be a happy consequence for many that have some to lose.  


Let's chat to see if this programme is right for you!