Hey carb addicts, pasta lovers and sandwich munchers! 

If you want to banish the brain fog, fatigue, weight gain and mood swings YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! 




Calling all carboholics!

Have you fallen into bad habits and are struggling to climb out of the abyss of cravings, hunger, energy swings and weight gain?

Does pasta, couscous, white rice and bread feature heavily in your diet? (Like 2 or more serves a day?)  

Do you often find yourself buying a croissant, muffin, slice or cake when you grab your coffee?  

Are you a toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner kinda person?

Are you simply confused about carbohydrates, whats good, whats bad, what you should be including and avoiding?

Do not fear my friend! This programme is going to be your saviour!

So you're ready for a lighter, clearer, brighter body and mind?

Then you NEED this:

  • A 6 week programme that equips you with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to discover the right carbs for YOUR body.  
  • Clear and simple daily and weekly actions to ensure you know EXACTLY what you need to do and more importantly HOW to do it.  
  • An effective 3 phase system for reducing problematic carbohydrates and increasing nutrient dense, gut friendly, hormone balancing ones instead.  
  • Meal planning guides, recipes and other helpful resources.  
  • Daily lessons and accountability checks plus weekly support through the app an group sessions.  
  • A dedicated Facebook group for Live Q+A sessions to answer all your burning questions and provide all the support and encouragement you need to succeed - both from me and others going through the same programme!

Because you really want THIS don't you?!

  • Less brain fog and better mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Better energy with fewer slumps and crashes
  • Breaking that craving and addiction cycle
  • More balanced mood and possible weight loss
  • Reduced risk of depression, anxiety, dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Reduced risk of diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity and other chronic diseases

I mean....who doesn't want that?!

"I am amazed how easy it has been to go from a diet filled with carbs and sugar to one, that isn't perfect yet, but definitely so much better. It really has been the help from Cathy, in taking one step at a time and also having the constant support from her." 


Let me break it down:

Phase 1: First we ADD. That's right, I want to prove to you that restriction and hunger is not necessary when making healthy changes to your diet. You can still eat an abundance of foods as long as we're adding the RIGHT things so that we're also adding fibre, nutrients and antioxidants.

Phase 2: Next we LEVEL UP - We improve the QUALITY of the carbohydrtae choices in your daily life by introducing you to the carb continuum. By making simple swaps, easing you into new things and making the changes barely noticable!

Phase 3: Finally we DIVERSIFY - It is easy to fall into the trap of the same meals day in and day out. But a diverse range of foods is so important both nutritionally and for your sanity. I'll help you expand your horizons and I'll make adding new and wonderful flavours and ingredients into your diet a breeze!

"This has probably been the most positive thing that I have done. For someone who has always struggled with my weight and as a result focused on things I can't have, switching the mindset to all the awesome things I can have has been amazing."


What makes the Smart Carb Challenge different?

Most health courses and programmes:

  •  Focus only on WHAT to do
  •  Issue rigid and restrictive guidelines and expect perfection from day 1
  •  Set unrealistic, generic targets
  •  Leave you to figure out how to actually achieve this on your own


THIS PROGRAMME IS DIFFERENT I put as much focus and guidance into WHY and HOW you do this, so you can:

  •  Truly invest yourself in the process and the transformation 
  • Adjust the steps and goals to fit your current situation
  • Make small but significant improvements to work towards your goals (It's about progress, not perfection) 
  •  Implement new habits effectively into your unique everyday life
  • Stay consistent for optimal results

All programme content is delivered daily via mobile or online app, so it's with you wherever you need it. Daily check-ins provide simple accountability to improve your outcomes, and a way to measure your improvements. Other metrics such as weight, mood, energy can be tracked right within the app. 

"I started working with Cathy a few weeks ago and found her approach the most realistic one when it comes to making lifestyle/nutrition changes and weightloss. She has great knowledge and can easily simplify it so that it can be understood by everyone. Changes are introduced very slowly and are simple to follow."


Here's what we'll cover:

WHY - Discover what the wrong carbs could be doing to your gut, brain, mood, energy, blood sugars and weight. - Why your carb choices may hold the key to your brain fog, memory issues, low mood, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain. 

WHAT - What makes carbs smarter and why that's important. - Dont need to eat less, just different by learning to ADD, LEVEL UP and DIVERSIFY your carbs - Information delivered daily in small, digestible chunks with links to further videos and reading if you're keen! 

HOW - Key habit principles that you can apply to create healthy habits in any area of your life. - Daily check ins for accountability and consistency - two vital components of successful habit change. - 3 key techniques for improving your diet and lifestyle (add, level up, diversify) - can be used for any aspect of nutrition! - Learn to prepare, cook and make delicious meals and sides with a range of healthy ingredients and smarter carbs - options to suit whether you're working towards a vegan, plant based, paleo, keto or vegetarian way of life!  

**PLUS, get bonus access to: -My secret pinterest board created specifically for this programme for mouthwatering recipe inspo. -And my resource vault containing worksheets, planners and guides for making the most of this programme. 

There is SO MUCH CONFUSION around nutrition and carbohydrates. I’m here to cut through all that.  

Combining sound nutritional science, the latest discoveries and the finest in habit change techniques, this 6 week programme could change your life - and all for about £3.50 per day.  

You could be saying hello to a lighter, brighter, clearer and calmer body and mind.  

And who doesn’t want that?

You just missed it!

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